After completing a Psychology Degree in 1997, I opened a counselling practice, specialising in Regression Therapy, and Sandplay Therapy. Much of the work centred around assisting others to move beyond the effects of childhood trauma that kept them stuck in old patterns.  

 Being armed with a bunch of psycho babble and a plethora of spiritual beliefs did not however, prepare me for what lay ahead. 

​In 2014, at the age of 53, my marriage of 30 years came to an end via text message. By 2016, I'd been diagnosed with cancer. The very next year, 2017, my ex husband passed away, 5 weeks after his diagnosis with Lung cancer. These events forced me to get real and honest about my own life and the role I played in creating happiness or misery.


I could not have been given a better opportunity to find my way back to ME !  Adversity in all its wisdom has been my greatest teacher .


So excited to have my daughter Stacey joining me to create Podcasts. We hope to  inspire you to grow through our own personal stories. Given our age difference and experiences with life, we will  bring a perspective to lifes challenges that suits all ages.  

Stacey has a background in Client Service Administration and is currently studying Graphic Design.  


Idle Conversations is for all of you who have lost your way because you've lost your self. Through Blogs and Podcasts I share my personal story of triumph over tragedy in order to help you also realise there are blessings in the challenges you've faced.   I'll help you move from ignorance to awareness, from blame to accountability, and from victim to victorious!


Not sure if this for you? Ask yourself: 

Are your love relationships fulfilling?

Are you able to find lessons/blessings in the challenges you face?

Do you put yourself first?

Have you forgiven your past or are you still blaming others?

Do you feel free to be yourself around friends, family, and colleagues?

Does your life feel abundant, full of riches?


We all want the same thing.  To love and be loved,  to have a sense of connection to our 'self'' and the people around us. Allow me to walk with you in becoming a more authentic, version of your self.  Back to your core.  Back to YOU. 

If you have suffered severe mental, physical, emotional abuse as an adult or a child, you will be well advised to seek the assistance of a professional psychologist to help deal with the effects of abuse.  This web site, blogs & podcasts, and the counseling offered by me are offered under the assumption that you have already begun your healing journey, and are now ready to move more fully into taking responsibility for yourself.  Ready to begin developing self-worth, self-love, and are interested in finding the gifts in the adversity you have faced.